Different Kinds of White Collar Crimes

Different Kinds of White Collar Crimes

White collar crimes are just one of many areas of criminal law. They are defined as non-violent crimes that involve some sort of business or commercial scam that leads to financial expansion. One criminal lawyer in Philadelphia we spoke to had this to say about the topic: “White collar criminals tend to be very wealthy individuals who like high priced art and antiquities. These are not, however, criminals who cause physical harm to other people. This is not the kind of criminal you would never see wielding a weapon.” Examples of white collar crimes include (but are not limited to):

  • Internet and computer fraud
  • Bankruptcy related fraud
  • Bribing
  • Counterfeiting
  • Insider trading

Internet and Computer Fraud

One of the more commonly known types of Internet and computer frauds involves credit cards. Reflect for a moment on how many times people have told you about the importance of protecting your private and financial information when using the Internet. Think about how many times you have been told to be careful about where you purchase stuff online. White collar criminals put a significant amount of time into stealing personal information, such as social security numbers, and applying for fake credit cards in the names of the people they steal information from. Before you even realize you have been a victim of this crime, they have already spent anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars in your name.

Whether you are the white collar criminal or the victim of the crime, you will need to reach out to a law firm that has experience in criminal law. The white-collar criminal needs a criminal defense attorney and you need a prosecutor to defend your case. Unfortunately, white collar crimes are not always the easiest crimes to prove. Not only does your lawyer have to prove that you were the victim of the crime, they have to prove who committed it as well.

Unsurprisingly, it is easier for a lawyer to prove who was the victim of a white-collar crime than it is to prove who was the culprit behind it. White collar criminals tend to be very good at what they do. You should keep in mind that the chances of getting back money that has been taken from you are not likely.

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